Sponsoring Parents & Grandparents

  • If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident you may be eligible to sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada, which will allow them to obtain their permanent residency status.

  • There must be a sponsor and/or co-sponsor for your parents and grandparents to come to Canada.
  • Both the person sponsoring a relative and the person wishing to immigrate to Canada must meet certain requirements.

  • There are strict income requirements along with being financially responsible for your parents or grandparents.

💡Tips for Sponsoring Parents & Grandparents:

  • The Canadian government introduced a lottery system on a first-come-first-serve basis for the sponsorship program (the lottery opens once a year or on-demand)
  • You need to demonstrate your 3 years income proving that you can financially support your loved ones, this must be done by providing a Notice of Assessment
  • Notice of Assessment from CRA must meet your family size and family size is very important
  • Every day counts, be very mindful of the time you have

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